Custom theme JSFiddle

I prefer the dark theme in any IDE I work with, so I thought, there has to be a way to enable a dark theme for JSFiddle. Well, kinda?! It’s a bit hacky, but it gets the job done. What we need to do is run a JS snippet in chrome dev tools, which alters

Deploy AngularJS app on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean provides you with options that allow you to lay out your application’s infrastructure without a sweat. Some of it’s key features are. Servers use high performance solid state drives. Their speed greatly enhances your application’s performance and setting up instances take less of your time. They have a very intuitive control panel that

Create a bootable Windows 10 USB Installer with a Mac

Creating a bootable USB stick from OSX I was trying to reinstall W10 on an old laptop I had in the house, but had a little bit of a hard time creating a bootable USB because the only functioning computer I had was a MacBook pro. There is loads of guides to make a USB

AngularJS: Services Vs Factories Vs Providers

So I found myself wondering, what’s the difference between a service, factory & provider. And when is best to use each? I use the three every day but couldn’t come up with (or find online) an explanation I was happy with, or could fully grasp. That was until recently. I was working on a task

Google maps JS Geolocation example

I’ve been developing a galway bus service web app using javascript. The app shows a users current position on a map, and provides a list of bus routes to choose from. When a bus route is chosen, the stops are marked on the map and directions are displayed to the nearest stop. You can check