Hi, my name is Darragh.
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What I do

I spend my days working as a software engineer in Galway. Working with front end web apps, and report generating back end technologies.

In my spare time I design & develop websites for small businesses and individuals. I also carry out iPhone repairs, replacing screens, speakers, & batteries etc..

How i do it

My experience is primarily in HTML, CSS & Javascript, as well as OOP languages Java & C#.

I have a little exposure to AngularJS, NodeJS, C++, & Docker to name a few.

I work with all of the above every day and learning all the time.

Photo & Video

I also love to take a few pictures, and have produced demo/promo videos for a number of charities & local GAA clubs.
If you think I can help your charity or club please get in touch. I would love to get involved.

Charities & Sports Club Promo

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