Create a bootable Windows 10 USB Installer with a Mac

If you would like to create a bootable USB drive from OSX, you will need:

  • Windows 10 ISO
  • Unetbootin
  • Syslinux – steps to download below
  • Disk Utility (pre-installed on OSX)

Step 1 – Format the disk in Disk Utility, with the correct MBR

Insert the USB drive into your Mac…

a) Open Disk Utilty – (cmd + space, and type ‘disk utility’)

b) Select the USB device you just inserted

c) Click Partition

d) Select 1 partition in the partition layout

e) Select “Master Boot Record” in the options

f) Select MS-DOS (FAT) in the format type.

g) Click Apply, then Partition

h) Close Disk Utility

This will wipe the USB disk and set it up with the correct boot record.

Step 2 – Install the MBR binary from the SysLinux project

Open up a terminal and then

a) Use the command line diskutil to find the device name for your USB drive.

a) Umount the USB drive with the command line. NB: Be sure to swap the device reference (in my case it is /dev/SOMEdisk2) with the correct one for your usb key that you identified in the previous step – this will change for each machine.

b) Mark the partition active, then unmount it again

c) Download Syslinux

d) Install the MBR – NB: Update the device name (/dev/SOMEdisk2) to the one you identified in the first step!!!

Step 3 – Use UnetBootin to copy over your OS install files

a) Download and install UnetBootin if you haven’t already from

b) Load the application, choose the location of your downloaded windows ISO, and then click OK.

c) When it’s finished, eject the usb key and use it!

DarraghCreate a bootable Windows 10 USB Installer with a Mac